Alternate Horizontal Shades

A distinctive modern look that makes a statement, our Alternate Horizontal Shades add personality to a room. The unique fabric protects your privacy yet maintains your outdoor view.  Stagger the opaque bands of fabric to enjoy complete privacy; line them up to take in the outdoor view; or raise the shade completely.  When fully retracted, the shade is concealed within a cassette for a clean look.

Roman Shades

The soft look of Roman Shades and the exquisite fabrics make this collection a brilliant decorating tool. When raised, the shade gracefully folds into itself, framing your outdoor view. When lowered, the shade will block UV-Rays and heat.  These shades can be ordered with café (top-down bottom-up) controls and either classic teardrop or flat panel styles.

Roller Shades

Our Designer and Solar Shades provide a functional yet decorative means of controlling light and warmth.  They create a subtle ambience that enables tranquility and relaxation.  Solar fabrics are designed for maximum solar protection and heat rejection while maintaining outside views and pleasing aesthetics.  Designer fabrics allow you to add even more decorative patterns, colours and textures to your renovation.

Sheer Horizontal Shades

Sheer Horizontal Shades are beautifully elegant, light, and airy. The shade has floating vanes that are suspended between two graceful sheer fabrics and provide you with absolute control over privacy and light. The vanes smoothly rotate, permitting a veiled view of the outdoors and a soft flow of light indoors. When rotated fully, total privacy and security is created.  A DoorStyles option is also available for side lights, transoms and French Doors.  In a DoorStyles application, the fabric is secured in a stationary position with tilt-only capability; no cassette box or hanging cords.

Cellular & Pleated Shades

Cellular and Pleated Shades are a practical option for all windows.  These versatile shades are available with café style (top-down bottom-up), cordless controls, easy-lift controls, custom shapes, and automation.  With light-filtering and blackout fabrics, as well as a large array of colour options, Cellular and Pleated shades are a consistent favourite.

Panel Shades

Panel Shades offer a perfect solution for spanning those wide window expanses and can even be used as room dividers to create separation and privacy in large multi-functional areas. Our fabric panels hang from a sleek track that can be installed for ceiling or wall mount applications. Each fabric panel glides smoothly along the track and provides total privacy when closed. An optional valance is also available